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Perstorp Design

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Christine Fäldt - Perstorp Design
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The Sweden Bag by Perstorp Design, with its stylish design and unique characteristics is as useful and practical for shopping, as it is for the beach or the party. Even better, it is the perfect tote to carry the snacks for the kids soccer, softball or baseball games. It stands upright by itself and is waterproof for those wet field mornings.

It is ergonomic and comfortable to carry.  Ideal to use instead of the store‘s disposable plastic bags.  Perfect for everyday use.

The first totes of plastic were manufactured in Perstorp Sweden already in the 1950'ies. The Sweden Bag has a modern design with leather patterned outside and made ​​of a material that provides great strength and gives it a unique feel.

Available in 2 sizes:

    • Small: 12 1/2" W x 4 3/4" D x 8 5/8" H + handles: 6 1/2"
    • Large: 17" W x 7" D x 9 1/2" H + handles: 6 1/2"


  • The bag is light, stable, easy to clean and eco friendly
  • Inner canvas bags and cooler bags can be added for further functionality
  • Made of recyclable plastic
  • BPA and Melamine Free
  • Free of Softening Agents
  • Dimensions: 17" W x 7" D x 9.5" H + handles: 6.5" 
  • Design: Christina Fäldt
  • Made in Perstorp, Sweden


Eco-friendly Green Polyethylene - Green Plastic

Perstorp Design's ”Green Plastic” products are made of green polyethylene consisting of renewable raw materials such as corn, cassava, sugar cane or beet. Bioplastics / Green Plastic can be recycled in the same way as ordinary plastic.

Nature looks at greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, as a raw material. That's what trees and plants are built from. When making Bioplast / Green Plastic, plants like corn, cassava, sugar cane or beet are used to capture carbon dioxide from the air and convert it into sugar molecules. The goal is to use as near-produced raw material as possible. Research is under way to produce sugar molecules from wood chips or straw.


Perfect for:
Shopping • Picnic • The beach • Hobby • Garden • Scrapbooking • Storage in the car, stables etc. • Practical and colorful design detail