Purple Child Slippers

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Hand felted slippers for toddlers in 100% soft Norwegian wool by Clemente. The booties are equipped with an elastic closure which ensures a really good fit, while allowing kids to put them on and off themselves.  A suede sole helps prevent slipping on smooth surfaces and kids will love the cute design on the shoes itself.

The combination of design and quality of the wool makes the felt shoes to something special and unique which everyone ought to own. 

Color: Dark Purple with Bees and Flowers 

PF shoe size Clemente Shoe Size Inside measurement
12-18 months 20 4 3/4"      (12 cm)
18-24 months 22 5 1/4"    (13.4 cm)
7 23 5 1/2"    (14.1 cm)
8 24 5 3/4"    (14.7 cm)
9 25 6 1/8"    (15.4 cm)
10 27 6 7/8"    (17.5 cm)
11 28 7 1/4"    (18.5 cm)
12 30 7 5/8"    (19.5 cm)
REMEMBER: When measuring a child's foot always add 1/2" of growing room!

About the Manufacturer and the Shoes:

Clemente is a Danish company that designs and produces handmade felt shoes in the Philippines. 

Clemente buys carded fleece from suppliers in Europe. Carded fleece has rather an airy or fluffy texture which resembles candy-floss. When wool is carded, its fibres are evened and made to run more or less parallel with each other.

Felting is an ancient craft. Through a time-consuming process, the carded wool is ‘massaged’ or moulded while in warm, soapy water. This makes the fibres in the wool flexible and causes the boundaries between individual fibres to ‘open’. Thus, the fibres in the wool begin to attach to one another.

After this—the actual felting process—wooden shoe moulds are used to make the finished felt shoe as evenly shaped as possible.

In the beginning, the shoe will stretch and accommodate its shape to the foot it’s worn by. To make sure that the shoes will last a long time, it is important to find the right fit from the onset. If the shoes do not fit properly, you will risk exposing them to heavy wear.

Clemente was established by Martin and Anne Christoffersen—brother and sister—together with Reynaldo Clemente Sanchez who was born in the Philippines. The founders explain:

“It all began after a holiday in the Philippines where we visited Reynaldo’s hometown, his family and friends. We soon developed a love for the country and its friendly inhabitants.

Since we all—each in his or her own way—had a long-held wish to start some sort of independent business, we thought: ‘Why not realize that dream by creating jobs here; in a poor but charming country?’

The vision then became to create new jobs with good working conditions and shared responsibility. We wanted to develop a workplace where all members of the staff would get a chance to feel a sort community spirit and develop themselves personally as well as professionally. Furthermore, we wanted a production that would not only be viable, but also environmentally sound and climate-friendly. In short: we wanted a production that we would all be able to feel good about and vouch for 100%.

In 2007 our first employees were taught how to felt. They (still) use no machines in the production process; everything is hand-made. Approximately 40 men and women in the age of 18-61 years work in our production every day. The men are in charge of the felting while the women sew.”