Grand Cru Soft Latte

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Lead-free glass
3.5" (D) and 5.5" (H) - 48 CL
Erik Bagger

The large Grand Cru Latte glass with its rounded shape is comfortable to hold, and its rounded lip is pleasant to drink from. The glasses are made from hardened glass and is is perfect for all kinds of latte, but can also be used for steaming hot coffee, chocolate or tea, cold beer, decorative ice cream desserts and starters. Its simple lines make it easy to mix with other glass- and tableware.

Capacity: 16 oz. (48 CL) - The perfect size for a long coffee break and with room for plenty of soft froth on top.

Comes in a set of 4 glasses.

Heat resistant up to 265 °F (130 °C).

The Grand Cru Series is comprised of a total of 147 pieces, of which we have many available. Their stringent minimalist design is typical of Modern Nordic Design which makes it easy to combine with any tableware.

Drawing on its highly acclaimed Danish design heritage, Rosendahl brings together classic and contemporary elements in a range of products designed for everyday use.  With an emphasis on stylish lines and functionality, Rosendahl has made a valuable contribution to Danish design for over 25 years.