Introducing Medusa-Copenhagen

Introducing Medusa-Copenhagen

Nov 20th 2016


Founded in 1997, Maj-Britt and Rie Bidstrup (mother and daughter) are the designers behind the peculiar and unique universe of Medusa-Copenhagen. Medusa-Copenhagen is especially known for its world of wonderfully peculiar, decorative figurines for all occasions - e.g. Christmas, Easter, Halloween and birthdays. It might not be what you'd normally think of when it comes to Danish design, but we can't help but love their products anyway.

All the figurines are handmade and -painted by extremely competent workers based on a template made by Maj-Britt and Rie Bidstrup themselves.

Maj-Britt and Rie are always on the hunt for something new, exciting and different which can create life and joy in many families and homes, and therefore new figurines are created every year.

Some of our favorite products from them are their Stardust line with the Star Candle Holders, Table Clothes, Napkins and Candles. However we also can't help but love their quirky Rudolph line.

Take a look for yourself and let us know which is your favorite...